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Three Community Boards shape the work of the JEAP Initiative

Young Adult board icon

This board includes youth & young adults (age 16-25) who are in recovery from substance use.

Justice-Involved Board icon

This board includes adults of any age who are in recovery and who have former or current involvement with the juvenile or adult justice system.

Provider Payor board icon

This board includes staff from organizations that provide or pay for recovery support services.

Are you in recovery?

Join a Community Board to use your experience to make an impact! We periodically have openings available on our Community Boards. See more below. 

As a board member, you will:

  • Help improve recovery support services

    This research will serve to improve recovery support services. The Community Boards are integral to ensuring that the research focuses on the most important issues, serves the most critical populations, and that the results are shared with the community. 

  • Shape research on recovery support services

    The Community Boards will set the research priorities, give input on the design of research studies (training will be provided), and will decide which research projects on recovery support services receive pilot funding.

  • Shape the next generation of researchers

    The Community Boards will determine which researchers are selected for our Postdoctoral Fellowship, our Training Institute, and our pilot study funding. We will be seeking applicants who have lived experience with substance use or the justice system, or who are from groups that are underrepresented in research, including communities of color.

  • Identify priorities for research

    Board members will brainstorm what topics and populations are important for researchers to study within recovery support services.

  • Share your expertise and lived experience

    Community Board members bring the unique perspective and expertise of having lived experience. To the extent that you are comfortable, you will have the opportunity to share within the board your lived experience and how it shapes your perspective on recovery support services.

  • Gain skills and make connections

    You will be working alongside a team of your peers from around the country, and will receive training to enhance your knowledge on research and recovery support services. Meet our current board members here. No previous knowledge of research is required - all training will be provided.


Learn more about serving on a Community Board

Watch this short video for an overview of the role of a Community Board member, what backgrounds and experiences we’re looking for, and what training you’ll receive.

What skills and experience we're looking for

  • The qualifications to join a Community Board are:

  • For the Young Adult Board: ages 16-25; for the Justice-Involved Board: all ages welcome

  • Lived experience with substance use issues

  • For the Justice-Involved Board only: lived experience with the justice system

  • Enthusiasm for participating in the board and sharing your perspective 

  • No specific educational or professional background is required; all training will be provided. We aim to have board members from a range of backgrounds, education levels, and perspectives

  • No previous board or committee experience is required 

  • Because we want to effectively address the needs of a variety of communities affected by substance use disorder, including communities that may be overlooked in research, we are working on creating a board with members who bring a variety of identities and experiences to the table. People encouraged to apply include Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other people of color; women; people who are gender non-binary; people with disabilities; and people in the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Interested in joining? Apply Now!

Click on the link below to fill out our brief online application form. We periodically have openings available on our Community Boards. When there is an opening, our team will email you to schedule a 30-minute follow-up Zoom call so that we can share more about the project, get to know you, and answer any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

No - we are aiming to have board members with a mix of different educational and work backgrounds. Especially for the Young Adult board, we recognize that you may not have work experience yet. No previous experience on a board or advisory group is required - we will provide all the training you need. 

Nope! We will provide trainings on what you need to know about research so that you are prepared to give input on research studies. 

Click here and fill out the brief application. Our team will then email you to schedule a 30-minute follow-up Zoom call so that we can share more about the project, get to know you, and answer any questions you have. 

Board members on the Justice-Involved and Young Adult boards will receive a stipend of $75 for each board meeting they attend. Board meetings are typically 1.5 hours in length and are held every other month.

You will attend virtual meetings, which are typically 1.5 hours long and scheduled every other month. In addition to the meetings, you'll have approximately 2 hours prior to each meeting of preparation and reviewing materials. Other activities beyond this can be done on a voluntary basis, if you desire. We are asking for a commitment of joining the board for at least one year. 

The meetings take place virtually on Zoom. This is a national board that will include members in all different US time zones. The meetings may be during the day, during the evening, or on the weekend. If you are invited onto the board, we will ask you for your availability. 

You have the option of whether you'd like to publicly share your leadership role of serving on a Community Board or keep your participation in the board confidential. On the About the Community Board page, you can see examples of board members who have chosen each of these options.

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