Resources on Substance Use Disorder & Recovery Support Services

Our team has selected useful resources on substance use disorder, opioid use disorder, recovery support services, medication assisted treatment, and more. These resources are intended for researchers, providers, policymakers, advocates, and individuals experiencing substance use disorder.

JEAP Produced Resources

Video: Transitioning to a Professional Role as a Person with Lived Experience

From the JEAP Initiative

This video summarizes advice that over 40 individuals with lived experience shared about transitioning to a professional role.

Tipsheet: Transitioning to a Professional Role as a Person with Lived Experience

From the JEAP Initiative

This tipsheet summarizes advice that over 40 individuals with lived experience shared about transitioning to a professional role.

Research Priorities Generated by the JEAP Initiative Community Boards

From the JEAP Initiative

Using Community-Based Participatory Research methods, the JEAP Initiative Investigators and Community Boards collaborated to generate research priorities to guide the development of future research on recovery support services.

A Toolkit for Generating Research Priorities through CBPR

From the JEAP Initiative

This toolkit is designed for individuals who want to use Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) methods to engage members of affected communities in determining priority areas for research.

Forum Series on MOUD Recap

From the JEAP Initiative

This document includes key takeaways from the JEAP Initiative's 3-part forum series on Medications for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD). 

Forum Series on Recovery Residences Recap

From the JEAP Initiative

This document includes key takeaways and resources from the JEAP Initiative's 4-part forum series on recovery residences. 

Tipsheet: Finding the Right 12-Step Meeting for Young Adults

From the JEAP Initiative

This tipsheet provides information to help young adults find a 12-step meeting that is a good fit for them.

Previous Newsletters

From the JEAP Initiative

View our previous newsletters on this page.

External Resources

Budget Impact Tool for the Incorporation of MOUD


View the CHERISH budget impact tool, which is designed to assist jails and prisons with identifying an optimal MOUD delivery model. This tool is publicly available and is paired with an open-access, peer-reviewed manuscript that serves as a user-friendly guide.

Applying for a Job: The Young Adult's Guide

From the Northeast Massachusetts Community of Practice

This is a tipsheet for youth and young adults with serious mental health conditions about finding, applying for, and interviewing for jobs.

Addiction and Recovery Fact Sheet Series

From the New England ADA Center 

Series of fact sheets on how the ADA applies to people in recovery from opioid use and other drugs.

Drug and Alcohol News Archive

From the Partnership to End Addiction 

The latest news from the field for advocates, policymakers, and community coalitions curated by 

Featured Programs and Practices for Treatment of Opioid Abuse

From the National Institute of Justice 

Evidence-based and recently rated programs and practices for the treatment of opioid use disorder.

Healthy Transitions Initiative Toolkit

From the Research and Training Center
for Pathways to Positive Futures

This Tool Kit was developed to display documents developed and/or used by HTI jurisdictions at both the state and community level. The Tool Kit provides an organized, central location for information found useful in the process of developing services for youth and young adults.  

The Latest in Addiction Treatment and Recovery Research

From the Recovery Research Institute

Hundreds of easy-to-read articles summarizing the latest evidence-based information and findings. 

Peer Recovery Resource Library

From the Peer Recovery Center of Excellence 

Peer-led resource library with articles on evidenced-based practices, peer-led work resources, peer-led support services, and more. 

Potential Value of Addiction Researchers with Lived Experience

From the American Society of Addiction Medicine 

People in remission from substance use disorders (SUDs) have a history of using their own experience to support those in or seeking SUD remission

Young Adult Mental Health Resources

From the Transition to Adulthood Center for Research 

Transitions ACR collaborators work together to create new, informative materials for consumers, family members, mental health and social service providers, policy-makers, and advocates.

Youth Mental Health Services and Resources

From the Youth MOVE National Peer Center

Newsletters and resources on the issues surrounding youth engagement and peer support. 

Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator

From the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 

A confidential and anonymous source of information for persons seeking treatment facilities in the United States or U.S. Territories for substance use/addiction and/or mental health problems.

The Consortium on Addiction Recovery Science


The JEAP Initiative is one of eleven projects funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) to further the field of recovery support services. Check out the other ten at link below.

Research Partnerships Course

From the Justice Community Opioid Innovation Network (JCOIN)

Enroll in this free, online course designed to support justice-system and behavioral health professionals seeking to address the challenges posed by substance use.

Resources Related to Community-Based Participatory Research

The Spectrum of Community Engagement to Ownership

From Facilitating Power

This PDF charts a pathway to strengthen and transform local democracies. Leaders across multiple sectors, such as community-based organizations, local governments, philanthropic partners, and more, can use this spectrum to assess and revolutionize community engagement efforts to advance community-driven solutions.

Podcast Episode on Co-Producing Knowledge

From the Justice Community Opioid Innovation Network (JCOIN)

Listen to Episode 3 focused on Co-Producing Knowledge in this podcast series.

Videos on Community Engaged Research Training

From the Opioid Research Consortium of Central Appalachia 

This video series provides researchers and non-researchers alike the foundational knowledge to engage as meaningful partners in research that is responsive to community health needs.

Community Based Participatory Research Toolkit

This CBPR toolkit is for domestic violence researchers. However, much of the content is relevant for researchers focusing on addiction, since there is a focus on working with stigmatized and marginalized populations. 

See also: Resources on De-stigmatizing Language & Imagery

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