About the JEAP Initiative

The JEAP Initiative

Justice-Involved and Emerging Adult Populations Initiative


Full project title: Building a Lasting Foundation to Advance Actionable Research on Recovery Support Services for High Risk Individuals with Opioid Use Disorder: The Initiative for Justice and Emerging Adult Populations

The JEAP Initiative is supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (R24DA051950) 

We aim to advance the research on recovery support services for people recovering from substance use disorder, including opioid use disorder.

Vision Statement

The investigators and Community Boards of the JEAP Initiative worked together to provide an official vision statement. This statement encapsulates the aims of our research and the goals for our partnerships, taking a wide variety of voices into account as it was developed.

JEAP Mission Statement

By the Numbers

See how the JEAP Initiative has succeeded in reaching and exceeding milestones originally set by the research team.

Numbers last updated 11/28/2023.



Goal: 24 (total in 5 years)



Goal: 16 (total in 5 years)



Goal: 15 (total in 5 years)



Goal: 6 (total in 5 years)



Since 2021


The JEAP Initiative aims to advance research on the efficacy/effectiveness of peer recovery supports and recovery residences for emerging adults and justice-involved adults with substance use disorder through the following goals:

  • identify priority areas of research via engaging individuals in recovery and providers/payors

  • grow the field of skilled early career investigators focused on this research

  • provide seed funds and guidance to produce preliminary studies for National Institutes of Health funding

  • conduct dissemination and outreach to the larger field



Focus populations

Two groups that are under-researched but at the highest risk for problems from opioid use disorder are (1) public system-involved emerging adults (ages 16-25) and (2) individuals who are justice-involved.

recovery residence

Recovery support services

Two important types of recovery support services which we are focusing on are peer recovery support services and recovery residences.


More research needed

These recovery support services are proliferating nationally and may have tremendous benefit for these two high-risk groups, but research on them is limited and lacks scientific rigor.



Thus, we aim to identify and equip researchers interested in dedicating their research efforts to this topic.

lived experience

Lived experience

Bringing together research expertise and lived experience leads to better research. Three Community Boards drive our work, and our opportunities for researchers prioritize lived experience.

Our Team

The JEAP Initiative is a five-year project funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and is a collaboration between Chestnut Health System's Lighthouse Institute, Oregon Social Learning Center, and Sponsors, Inc. Meet the team here. The JEAP Initiative also is part of the Consortium on Addiction Recovery Science (CoARS), a collaboration of 11 projects focused on recovery support services.

Our Approach

Over the course of five years, we are engaging in a variety of activities in order to advance the research on recovery support services.

  • Community Boards

    Our work is guided by three Community Boards, comprised of people in recovery and people from organizations that provide or pay for recovery support services.

  • Off-Site Training and Mentoring

    We offer an annual Training Institute and ongoing mentoring for early career investigators interested in researching recovery support services.

  • Intensive In-Residence Fellowship

    We offer two-year Postdoctoral Fellowships that help you launch your career as a researcher focused on recovery support services. 

  • Expert Consultant Panel

    In addition to working with our team, participants in our Fellowship and Training programs will also have access to the expertise of our consultant panel, a group of practitioners and researchers with a variety of skillsets. 

  • Pilot Studies

    We will be funding several pilot studies focused on recovery support services.


  • Training Workshops

    Through webinars and pre-conference workshops, we are offering virtual and in-person trainings for researchers and practitioners. 

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