Social Support

Social support networks can heavily impact the recovery journey.


  Justice-Involved Board Provider and Payor Board   Young Adult Board  

What are the most critical elements in someone’s social network that promote positive outcomes (e.g., social support, practical skill building, modeling), and how can these be leveraged in recovery support services?

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What are the challenges that emerging adults¹ face in creating a positive social network that supports recovery?

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What strategies in recovery support services can help overcome those barriers/ address those challenges?

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What is the best way recovery support services can provide education to parents about being supportive of their emerging adult experiencing substance use issues and taking a strengths-based approach?

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How can recovery support services help emerging adults in the juvenile and adult justice systems be positive peers for each other?

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What policies, procedures, or laws (agency or statewide) create barriers for people with a criminal record to build a recovery-supportive social network that may include other people with a criminal record?

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¹ Emerging adults refers to youth and young adults between the ages of 16 and 25.